HostSelfie Terms of Service

Any Participation on This Site Will Constitute Acceptance of Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If You Do Not Agree to Abide By the Above, Please Do Not Use Our Website.

Assessing and using this website means you accept and agree the terms and provisions of this agreement. Additionally, when using any particular services of this website you shall be subject to guidelines and rules applicable to that service, which may be posted and modified from time to time. All such rules and guidelines are hereby incorporated in this document. By using HostSelfie services you agree to be bound by this agreement, whether you are a ''Guest'' or a ''Member''.

Our Services

We offer Selfie hosting services that allow you to upload your Selfies and share them with your friends and family on social media platforms.

About Users

Our Site and services are meant for users 13 years of age or older. Our Site is open to use for everyone but some of the services are available to registered members only. You can use our website as Guest if you do not want to register.

Registered Members Responsibilities

By registering on the Site you agree to the following:

* The information you have provided during registration is accurate.

* The email address you have given during registration is valid and we can verify it through a confirmation email. We will also send a verification email requiring a response at any other time, and terminate your account if you fail to provide a reply.

* You will inform us if any of the information you gave us changes.

* You are 13 years of age or older.

* You are not violating any law while using the HostSelfie services.

* You will not violate any of the terms mentioned in this agreement.

On registering with us, you will be solely responsible for all the Content you share and activities that take place through your account. Protection of your account through use of a secure password and not sharing your account details with anyone else are your responsibility. Generate a secure password by using a combination of letters, symbols, numbers and uppers and lowercase.

HostSelfie has the right to terminate your account at any given time without any warning or reason and will not be liable. We can also take legal recourse against you if deemed necessary.

We have a policy of terminating accounts of Members infringing intellectual property rights of others or violating the Terms mentioned in this document. Similarly, any illegal action through our Site will also result in termination of account.

You may stop using our services at any given time but you will remain bound to the Terms you have agreed to. You will be held responsible for violation of these terms and any damages caused by it.

Content & Privacy

The content that you distribute through HostSelfie network is owned by you and you are responsible for its privacy:

* You can add Content you upload to Albums. You have the option to limit the privacy of your albums to private. Any Content in a private album will not be shown in public search results and only people having a link of it will be able to access it.

* We have taken necessary measures for protecting your privacy. Please note, however, users may still be able to find direct URL of your content and access it through other means. They may also share it on any third party site.

* Please bear in mind that when you share Content or provide someone with the direct URL they can access your Content even if it is marked private.

* If you choose to remove Content you have shared publicly or change it to private, HostSelfie will quickly remove it from public search results. This Content can still be stored in our backup files and we can use it if necessary. We are not responsible for the Sites you have shared it on.

* By making your Content public, you give other members on HostSelfie the right to access, distribute, copy, reproduce, publicly display and modify it, given that this use of your Content is not for Commercial purposes.

* When you upload new Content you are confirming that you own this Content and uploading or use of it will not violate the copyrights, publicity rights, privacy rights, intellectual property or human rights of another individual.

* If we suspect the infringement of rights of other members or use of Content you do not own, HostSelfie has the right to take down the Content and hold you responsible for any costs associated with the infringement.

* If you stop using our services, your Content will remain on the Site unless you remove it. Additionally, the rights you have granted us and other members will also remain.

Other Guidelines

* You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Members of this Site.

* These terms and policies can change at any time. We do try to notify our users about major changes in the policy, however, if you use the Site after the changes have been made, you have automatically agreed to the changed terms.

* You use the website and its services on your own risk. The services we offer are on AS IS basis including any problem or fault associated with them.

* We will not be responsible if any of your Content gets deleted due to any technical or other reason, and it is advised to keep a backup of your Content.

* We are not responsible for any advertisements through our Site neither are we responsible for the goods or services offered by these advertisers.

* We are not responsible for the conduct of other Members of this Site.